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Professionalizing Motherhood

Hello Friends!

Before I became a Mommy, I worked in the world of retail management. I did sales management, territory management, specialty/boutique, mass retail...visual (my personal fave). I had a knack for being a GirlBoss and loved being able to exercise my creative freedom. All of that changed after I got married, though. From then on I had "FAMILY" on my mind, and knew that I wanted it to be my main focus.

Things happened so fast for us!

A month into our marriage I was pregnant. Fast forward several more months and I had a baby girl...and another on the way! I now have three children aged three and under, in three years of marriage! Needless to say it has been a crazy and challenging ride. It wasn't long before I was feeling completely overwhelmed. In fact...

...I still feel overwhelmed. All the time.

As a young mother I needed HELP! One day I came across a book by Jill Savage called "Professionalizing Motherhood". It changed my life! I love Jill Savage because she speaks as a seasoned Christian Mother with a voice that is kind and conversational. All of her books are enjoyable and super easy to read. She really helped me hone in on what being a mother was all about. She also helped me relate my new role as a mom to my old role as a woman in the professional world. I'm still a GirlBoss! Instead of a store, I'm managing my household. Rather than training and instructing employees, I'm training and instructing my children.

There are so many important aspects of being a parent, and if you're just starting out realize that this is a new endeavor for you. Whether you're staying at home or going back to work, this is still your most meaningful priority! So its okay if you feel overwhelmed, scared, and clueless. With that being said, you're about to be a PROFESSIONAL MOM! And that's some serious stuff too. So please don't be afraid to seek out help from wherever you need to to help equip you for this calling.

Jill Savage and her books are just a few of the many resources that I have found extremely helpful in the last couple of years. Unfortunately, it has taken me a long time to find this stuff, and I found myself wondering "Why isn't there a place for new and young mothers to find all of this information in one location?" It is my hope that over time I can provide many of these types of resources for you ladies!

Please feel free to check out Jill Savage when you get a chance!

A link to her book Professionalizing Motherhood can be found here. (It may also be in your local library!)

"...whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God."

~1 Corinthians 10:31



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