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Glitter Polish: Every Mom's Best Friend!

Hello Friends!

Glitter Nail Polish is my best friend.

And it's going to be your New Best Friend Too!

Here's why:

1. It's Affordable!

You can find glitter nail polish SO CHEAP! I mean really....hit up any drugstore and I bet you could find some for like $.99 or $1.99! This is important for a Frugal Momma who probably has a hard time justifying any sort of purchase for herself! On the flip side you could find some pretty pricey formulations as well. {I'm a fan of Zoya Nail Polish because they leave out all of those nasty ingredients we moms are so often concerned about.......but I've got Wet N' Wild on my toes RIGHT NOW!}

2. It's Trendy!

Glitter nail polish is super trendy right now. In fact.....I think it's been trendy in some form or another my whole life.

3. It's Versatile!

Most people think that glitter nail polish is too flashy, but believe it or not it can be quite subtle. Try a nude shade of glitter with chunky pieces in it, or a shimmery pale pink to add a little something extra. If you don't mind being flashy, glitter comes in every color you can imagine. Try formulations with different shaped and size glitter pieces as well. Also try doing a French Manicure with the glitter by following the natural tip line of your nail. Simply build the color to the desired effect and VOILA! You're in there!

4. It's Easy!

Glitter Nail Polish is so blissfully easy. You can find it anywhere, for any price. You can slap some on your toes before you head out. Almost every brand of glitter nail polish dries pretty fast, and if you still mess it up that's OK. Just slap some more up there and the glitter flakes will blend right in together and the light reflection diffuses any mess up lines! It's amazing stuff....really.


Here is the KICKER! This is REALLY why glitter nail polish is your new best friend! It lasts FOREVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! The stuff never comes off! I have literally gone about three months...the entire summer...with the same glitter job on my toes! As it chips away, I just apply a fresh coat to the bare spots. {I know this is kind of terrible to admit but hey....I've got three diapers....} One time I wore the same glitter polish job on my nails for so long that when I finally decided to take it off it practically blew away like dust in the wind! If life is like that for you, then this is the way you need to go darling!

Hope this helps ladies!



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