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The Perfect Post-Kids Wardrobe

Hello Friends!

Oh how things change after that perfect little angel arrives into your arms! You've got this beautiful little baby and NOTHING TO WEAR! Stuff just doesn't fit the same. It's not all that practical for what you go through every day now. Affordability counts now that you have some REAL responsibilities. You just want to be comfortable!

Even though I've always had a mind for fashion and even got my Bachelor's degree in Fashion Merchandising, my style sensibilities have always been on the more practical side of things. {Some of the greatest designers of our time are rarely seen in anything but black...Vera Wang...Michael Kors...Isaac Mizrahi...just to name a few of my tribe.} My budget doesn't often include a hot new wardrobe for "Mom", but I make sure that I have some staples in my closet.

1. Leggings & Jeggings- Lots and lots of leggings. I love stretchy pants as a mom. They're great for when you're pregnant and when you're not pregnant. I found that I couldn't stand the feel of pants that didn't give when I moved. They're just easy and comfortable, so make sure you have lots of these in different fabrications and colors {black, black...and black for me} for every season.

2. Flowy Tops, Tunics, & Cardigans- Now that you've birthed a baby, you want tops that are more forgiving. You don't want to feel self-conscious while you're trying to get your body back, but you still want to be cute. You also don't want to be worrying about crack attack when you're constantly bending over for everything now, so a longer top gives you that security. Contrary to what many believe, longer tops that flow over your new curves are very elongating and slimming.

3. Flats & Comfy Boots- Go on and splurge on a pair of those comfy boots or mukluks that your husband thinks are ugly. They're NOT! All of us girls agree, and think that they're perfectly acceptable and cute. So grab em up for winter and the fall. This way, whenever you head out you just slip them on with whatever you have on and you kind of look like something. Also invest in flats. All kinds of flats. Ballet flats for being out and about and going to church, flat tennis shoes for when you're on the go and being sporty, and some oxfords for a bit of preppy edge. Just get them now.

4. Shift & Maxi Dresses- The maxi dress is pretty much a staple for everyone these days, and we all know how awesomely flattering they can be. So I'll keep this short...get a couple of short sleeved and long sleeved ones with different hemlines so you can mix it up and be ready for any season.

Now the shift dress.......the shift dress is making a comeback! And it's AWESOME! The shift dress is also called a trapeze or bell dress and comes in all sorts of different lengths, price points , and hemlines. The great thing about a shift dress is that it's kind of shapeless and you can wear it loose and flowing pregnant or postpartum. Then once you're feeling trimmer you can belt that baby up and rock it some more! I find great ones in seasonal patterns at New York & Co. (They're always having an awesome sale!)

5. An EPIC Diaper Bag- Now here is where the money is going. Save up for this, ask for donations towards the diaper bag fund, put it on the baby shower whatever you need to do to invest in a good strong durable yet stylish diaper bag. Trust me! You will thank me! Think ahead when you may have more kids, and all of the items you will need to have in that bag. Also think about what you do throughout the day. You may need free hands, so consider strap options. Always get a bag with stroller straps. Make sure its comfortable with good stitching. And make sure it's strong too. Also, keep it stylish and classic since it's going to be your buddy. I'll devote a whole post to diaper bags and the kind of bag I have another day. However, think on these things before you get one. Don't be afraid to invest in this item.

I'm sure there will be more posts on Mommy Wardrobe Staples in the future, but I think this is a good start. Let me know if you have any items I should discuss in future posts and happy shopping!

"But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus."

~Philippians 4:19



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