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Embracing Grace

Hello Friends!

Here is my promise to you.

We will call it the Embrace Grace Promise {creative right? I know. }

I, MeShel Bussey, promise that you will NEVER see perfection within the storied posts of this blog.

You're sitting there thinking, those kids have officially driven this lady crazy. What is she talking about? Well, indulge me for a minute...

Is it just me? Or does reading some blogs or streaming through some people's Instagrams and your timelines make you a little depressed sometimes? You see your friends going on vacations looking gorgeous and perfectly tanned! You see your mom friends taking beautiful professional pictures with their perfect kids and husband and think "I could never afford a photographer package with all these responsibilities?!". Your other friend just posted a picture of her shoe closet...full of actual shoes! And your sister just Tweeted that she is on a super romantic date night with her husband.

Meanwhile, you're busy working your hiney off while taking care of the kids, or you're slaving away with them at home 24/7. You haven't put on makeup in like a year, and your closet is filled with baby clothes because your kid's closet is full and all of your clothes are on the floor or boxed up. Meanwhile, your three pairs of wearable comfy shoes are sitting in the hallway by the door. Oh and that date? A date for you and your husband consists of ordering Chinese Food and eating in for the night.....after the kids fall to sleep at like 10:45PM, but before the baby wakes up promptly at 11PM.

A picture is worth a thousand words they say...whoever they are. Well, not all of those words are truth. As a new or young mom, we are constantly comparing ourselves to other moms and our friends who seem to have it all. We do it subconsciously all of the time! And social media doesn't help because it's instantly flaunting how great everything seems to be. Well hear me sister, you never know what is going on behind closed doors. Those images aren't always indicative of what's really going on. We have no idea what people's circumstances truly are, and the grass isn't always greener. The Bible says:

" content with such things as ye have: for he hath said, I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee."

~Hebrews 13:5

Unfortunately, social media make it hard for us to be content. Trust me, you are blessed. In any situation, you are blessed. Rich. Poor. Working outside the home. Working at home. Nanny. No Nanny. You are truly blessed. I'm preaching as much to myself as I am preaching to you. Limit your time on social media if you have to! For your sanity! I do, because it is easy for me to fall into despair.

So when I post personal pictures up here, know that my world isn't perfect. There is no such thing. My necklace may be crooked. One kid will probably be crying or looking at a bug on the ground. It will probably be a cellphone pic because I can't afford a fancy camera right now. I will always keep it real with you ladies, and I hope that makes you feel more comfortable and like...yea...this girl gets it. Let's all embrace God's grace and goodness, we can leave the perfection up to Him!



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