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Modest Me: Let's Talk Modesty

Hello Friends,

When we talk women and modesty, conversations can get pretty heated. I'll be the first to say that every woman (everyone aged 18 and over HA!) has a right to dress as she pleases. The female form is truly lovely, and God created it to be so. I'm not one to chastise someone for what they are wearing (I've got my own kids that keep me busy chastising all day). However, if dressing modestly is "your thing" I do have some thoughts for you.

Now women can choose to be modest in how they dress for many reasons. Obviously, "Faith" is the first thing that comes to mind for many. A lot of women choose to dress

modestly in honor of their faith, and that's perfectly okay. But, there are some other reasons women dress modestly too. Sometimes you have changes in your life. For example, perhaps you just got married and you personally don't feel comfortable dressing like you did in college. Maybe you're aging up and your personality and tastes have just changed. Simple as that! Or maybe you've just had a baby and your body has changed.

Keeping it real here: For example....after birthing and breastfeeding my children, my bust line has increased and I don't feel comfortable wearing certain necklines anymore. I just can't do a V-Neck like I used to anymore! I almost always need to have a cami on underneath for extra coverage. I just feel too exposed now. I also stick with thicker fabrications because my undergarments are WAY more supportive then they used to be and don't necessarily fly with those thin boyfriend tees.

Women could also be trying out a new style. Vintage is SO IN right now {lol}, and vintage is typically a bit more modest in nature. Modest dressing may also just work for you in terms of being more comfortable and practical for a lot of day to day activities and purposes. {Be honest....that mini was NOT working on that one windy day last Fall.) Whatever your reason for being more modest may be, I have a few tips on how to rock "modesty" well.

1. Modesty Can Still Be Fashionable!-Praise God for the Vintage Revolution! There are now more options then ever in terms of dressing modestly. A girl can really get cute and feel comfortable. SO EXPLORE! Look out for my post on some of my favorite retailers for modest dressing.

2. Explore Necklines- There are a ton of new and fashionable necklines out there that will offer more coverage! Mandarin necklines, mock turtlenecks, round necks {with an awesome statement necklace}, collared button-up shirts and tie-neck blouses! Find some that work for you and your style!

3. Play with Lengths- If you're breaking new modest ground, you don't have to be regulated to the same long skirt. There are many different style skirts that are great for modest dressing. Midi Skirts are great and come in A-lines, pencil skirts or even circle skirts. Tea- length skirts are making a comeback. There are also marvelous hi-low hemlines, maxi hemlines, and other unique offerings. This goes for shorts and bottoms too! There are also vintage length shorts and pants of varying lengths that you can try out as well.

4. Highlight One Body Part- Now this is a staple rule in fashion. Highlight one part of your body that you are absolutely in love with. If you have beautiful toned arms or shoulders...go for it! You love your back? There are tons of backless shirts and dresses with interesting back designs. Do you have the calf muscles of a Greek Olympian? Wear that pencil skirt with some hot heels to keep 'em flexin. The point is, if you highlight one part of your body, you're not overloading people with things to look at and you're showing off your favorite or best asset. Score!

5. Try New Silhouettes- So maybe a Bodycon dress isn't your thing. That's cool. Explore some of the season's hottest silhouettes like A-line dresses or trapeze dresses. The more relaxed fit maxi dress is extremely versatile and forgiving. Get out there girl!

6. Play with Proportions- If you're going more slim fit in one aspect of your outfit, try going more conservative, relaxed fit, or longer in the other parts of your outfit and vice versa. By doing this, you're highlighting whatever is more fitted and you'll create a cleaner line and a sense of balance by doing so.

7. Accessorize- If you're noticing that you're becoming increasingly drawn to more modest apparel, this doesn't mean that you have to throw away certain items in your closet. Utilize accessories like leggings or colored or patterned tights. If you have a dress that seems kind of short to you now, pair it with some opaque tights for more coverage. Turn your old "hottie" dress into a tunic with some jeggings or leggings. Scarves are great for a cold or exposed neckline. Vests can also cover your bottom when you're rocking leggings and your shirt is seeming kind of short. Get creative ladies!

These are just a few tips on dressing modestly if you feel as though that is your style. As I said before, a woman has a right to dress in whatever makes her feel her best! I am an advocate for that! Hope you can use one or more of these tips! And remember...whatever you wear, make sure there's enough room for your armor under there!

"Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil."

~ Ephesians 6:11



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