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Roar of the Mama Lioness Pt. 2

Hello Friends,

So I'm a bit behind in my posts this week. We started PreK Homeschool and that has taken up the majority of my morning writing time. I'm actually currently writing this in my Pauline Theology class (shhh....don't tell anyone ha!). But I just wanted to elaborate on a little more on my Mama Lioness Roar Post.

I talked a lot about "the power" that God gives us as mothers. Not only do we use that power to push ourselves to get through the days, months, weeks, years, and life of motherhood; but we also have to use it to maintain our way of life and that of our families (i.e we have to let somebody know that whatever is going on isn't working). We have to often speak up for ourselves and our children. You see the thing about the "Roar" is that Mommies don't have to use it all the time. The reason it is so impactful is because we use it sparingly, and only when absolutely necessary. If we used it all the time we wouldn't be a Mama Lioness, but rather a Mama Monster...and nobody likes that. Here are some tips on when, how, and where to use that Mama Roar and "who" to use it on!

1. When- This is kind of an easy one. Think about real lionesses. They get feisty when it comes to their babies, their food (i.e livelihood), their home, and their families. That pretty much goes for human lionesses as well. Use the roar when your children are being negatively impacted or compromised. Use the roar when it comes to your family's health, the peace and sanctity of your home, or if there are some serious issues within the family. Take these things head on and take care of them. If you sit on a wont go away. It will only get worse. With that being said, be diplomatic as well and pick and choose your battles wisely.

2. How- The Mama Lioness is discerning when using her "Roar". She waits for the right time to strike. She also doesn't go in with claws out. The key here is firmness. Be firm about what you need, but not rude. You don't need to yell and scream or have a ridiculous amount of attitude, but rather feel the fierceness surging through your body when something isn't sitting well. Channel your feelings into your speech. Be firm and look the person you are speaking with right in the eye. Exude all-seriousness. Whoever you are speaking to will feel your intentions, and will be able to read the "don't mess with me" in your face.

3. Where- It is my opinion that it is best to 'get serious" with someone in private. If you see Auntie giving your child candy loaded with "Red Dye 40" at the family picnic, after you already told her that you don't give your children food with artificial coloring that probably wouldn't be the best time to approach her about it. If you happen to see her alone by the potato salad later, then might be a better time to approach her...firmly asking her to partner with you on feeding the kids healthier snacks. Be mindful of where you are when you need to have a serious conversation or handle a situation. You don't want things to get heated at family gatherings, in front of the kids, or during a time when whomever you're speaking with cant pay attention to what you're really saying. Also consider taking care of any issues in person. It takes an extremely experienced Mama Lioness to be impactful and firm over the phone in text or via email.

4. Who- Use the "Roar" on whoever you need to. If your way of life or how you're raising your children is being compromised stand up for yourself and your kids. Don't forget to be respectful, but do what you need to do. Say what you need to say. If you want to breastfeed your baby, and your family is being less then supportive....they have no idea why you would want to do that....they don't understand how hard it is, but you want to do this for your baby....LET THEM KNOW THAT THEIR THOUGHTS ARE COUNTERPRODUCTIVE! YOU'RE GOING TO TRY AND BREASTFEED FOR AS LONG AS YOU CAN, AND YOU NEED SUPPORT! Be kind, but firm. If you think they need to do more testing on your sick baby, TELL THE DOCTOR TO DO JUST THAT! GET A SECOND OPINION! Use the power that God has given you, and don't back down from anyone.

Most importantly, be prayerful. If there is an issue or you see conflict on the horizon, consult with God before using "The Roar". Pray that He will be with you when you broach the subject. Pray that He will guide your interactions, accordingly. A good verse for "handling business" is 1 Corinthians 16:13.

"Watch, stand fast in the faith, be brave, be strong. Let all that you do be done with love."

~ I Corinthians 16:13

Remember, that you're not trying to start any drama. You're simply trying to make sure that you and your family have what you need. Your intentions are always that of love. You're a fierce Mama Lioness...but you have a heart filled with loving kindness.

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