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My Diaper Bag: A Three Year Timi & Leslie Diaper Bag Review!

Hi Friends,

There are few things more stressful, overwhelming, frustrating, and down right horrible than the search for THE PERFECT DIAPER BAG! { Except for maybe a search for the perfect sippy cup....more on that late.} So you're having a baby...or you already have your little one/ones running around. You know you need a bag to carry everything in, and you have no idea where to start. Every Mommy has very different needs and preferences. Your idea of the perfect diaper bag is very individualized to you. With that being said, I have researched A LOT of diaper bags over the years, so please feel free to reach out to me with your criteria and I can give you some leads.

Personally, I wanted a bag that was HUGE, durable, had stroller straps, was a good bang for my buck, and is stylish yet timeless. I was willing to make an investment on a piece if it meant quality. Thus, I came across the Timi & Leslie "Charlie" Bag that you see above.

The first thing that attracted me to this bag was how big it was! I love love love a big bag, ya'll! After that, it pretty much met all of my other initial criteria spot on. I was a little scared of the price at first, but like I said...I will pay for quality. Plus, it's a seven piece set all together, and I thought that was pretty neat.

Three years and three babies later............ I have to say that I am still IN LOVE with my "Charlie"! She has lasted me through thick and thin, I can stuff her full up to the brim with the things I need throughout the day. She is stylish and timeless just like I wanted! EVERY SINGLE TIME I am wearing this bag I get compliments! And not even from moms! In fact, most people don't even know she's a diaper bag! When I tell them, their faces are shocked! Here you see pictures of my "Charlie" with three years of wear and tear. Some of the marks just appeared within the last year, so honestly I went two full years of hard use with her still looking nice. Also, she could probably use a good wipe down {lol}. After I wash her she will probably be lovely again!

The interior, fixtures, and straps have all held up very well over the years. No broken zippers. No torn lining. The lining and inner pockets have held up to use and abuse, crumbs, sippy cups name it! The straps are super strong and show no signs of wear. The stroller straps are AMAZING!

There are really no cons for me when it comes to this bag. The only problem I have had is that because "Charlie" is a big bag, I am prone to overstuffing her...which can make her really really heavy. So if you go this route, always edit your bag inventory before you leave the house or your bag will be heavier than your kid.

So here ya go ladies. "Charlie" is my diaper bag true love! There were times when I took breaks from her and wore another bag for a few days, but I've ALWAYS returned to my Charlie girl! I LOVE YOU GIRL!

Here is a link to the Time & Leslie Official Website. Check them out, they have a ton of other styles to try (I think I'm going to try the "Rachel" next...when I'm rich again ha!)

Good luck on your search for the perfect diaper bag friends. Let me know if you have any thoughts or diaper bag suggestions. I'm always curious to hear what's working for other Mommies!

Disclaimer: Timi & Leslie did not pay me or give me free product for this review. I bought my "Charlie" bag three years ago with my own tax return money (hahahahaha!) Thank you!



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