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Mary, Did You Know?

Hey Ladies,

It seems as though every holiday season, my family "adopts" a song that we can't get enough of and we listen to it nonstop for 30+ days. In 2016 it was NSync's "Oh Holy Night" and well......Celine Dion's entire Christmas album lololol. This year, we listened to tons of different versions of "Mary Did You Know". It was like we were on a search for the best "Mary Did You Know " in the land. It was so fun, and we officially just straight up love the song.

After listening to the song a few times, though, I began to wonder what the experience of raising the Son of God must have been like for Mary. How overwhelming and unsure she must have been raising this extremely gifted child. How often do we mothers feel the exact same way in raising our own children?

I think about my own experience in raising my children. Each of my kiddos is unique, but I have to say my oldest oldest daughter...often throws me for a loop. This little girl is so empathetic and caring. All she wants to do is help. Which is great! (She would make a great doctor one day...cough*cough) However, this little girl is also extremely high maintenance. Every little ant hill is an absolute mountain to her! She has high highs and low lows.....such variances in temperament. Oftentimes, all I can do is sigh and put my head in my hands. I don't know what to do with her the majority of the time. I know that she has gifts that she will one day use to help others. I'm just not sure what getting to that point will look like.

I imagine that Mary felt quite the same way. How do you parent a perfect child, wise beyond His years with gifts you can't even begin to comprehend? I believe the angel Gabriel gave Mary a crucial yet simple piece of advice.

"And the angel said unto her, Fear not, Mary: for thou hast found favour with God."

Luke 1:30 KJV

Fear Not.

Fear Not, Sweet Mama. Don't be afraid of this monumental task that God has set before you. Our children are little seeds of limitless potential, they are clay that needs a great deal of molding. I've never been proficient in gardening, nor have I ever made anything out of clay. I don't know what I'm doing with these kids. But God is with me....and He is with you too. He is walking with you in your garden, tending your little seedlings with you. His hands are over your hands as you gently knead you babes into the greatest works of art. You are also highly favored. He will guide you in raising your children....even your high maintenance ones. When you are unsure, get on your knees and pray. Read the Word of God....your guide in parenting. God gave Mary the strength to raise Jesus Christ.

Be Brave Mama. He has given you that same strength, and you CAN do this.

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