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I'm Back { A 2018 Life Update }

Hi Friends!

I’m back! Thank you for hanging in there with me! Phew! This has been a challenging year. We have suffered family loss, financial setbacks…. Internet/Computer loss (…mountain people problems), etc. On the flip side, God has been with us through it all. He has been so incredibly constant for us, working things out the entire time! Early in the year, my children broke our laptop literally in half and I was out of commission for most of the year. It has taken us all year to be able to save up enough money to get a new laptop, but I’m happy to report that we finally have a working computer now! YAAAAAY!

Now if only we could get the internet to cooperate with us…..

Any who, despite many of the challenges we’ve faced this year, God has continued to bless our family tremendously. One BIG BLESSING is our NEW BABY GIRL COMING IN JANUARY 2019!

Yup you heard that right! God is blessing us with our fourth Bussey girl, and we couldn’t be happier. That makes for SIX kiddos! Admittedly, with everything that has been going on this year this pregnancy has been flying by. This new little lady is truly a warrior princess, though. Just like David, she has faced many a “giant” in the womb already. Things have been scary at times, and the future remains uncertain in regards to her health. But we know that God is a healer, and has never stopped working on our girl’s behalf. So, we just keep PRAYING! And have FAITH!

Potentially having a child with ongoing medical challenges has also been a catalyst for some big changes to come for our family. I’ll be sure to update you all at the right time on all of that, but not quite yet. You will also see that I have been working on the website, just trying to brighten and streamline some things. I’ll be continuing to toy around with layouts and what not for a little bit, so I really appreciate your patience with me in that respect. I also have a new Origami Owl tab, as I have officially become an O2 Designer! This jewelry has proven to be such a source of inspiration and daily encouragement for me that I decided to sell it as well! I’m reppin’ my faith and my family all day every day, and it really is doing wonders for my spirit. I’m really enjoying the process of motivating others and building this business! Maybe I’ll do a post on it for you all in the future.

In the meantime, I have so many posts waiting to be published for you. Please bear with me as I work on my writings. It is a very organic faith-driven practice for me, as I only write on a subject when it is placed on my heart to do so. I also find that sometimes I am reserved in when I post my pieces. Not sure why that is…but I imagine that perhaps God’s timing has something to do with it. Maybe someone will read something I posted just at the right time for them. Ya know?

Again, I am so happy to be back on the grid and I look forward to sharing some encouragement with you. So please stay tuned! I’m inspired by my new little Bean Bean, and know that whatever battles we have faced or will be facing...God’s got it. I will leave you with the words of David right before he fought Goliath!! Maybe this scripture will help you as you fight your battles! We’re not doing this alone!

"And all this assembly shall know that the Lord saveth not with sword and spear: for the battle is the Lord’s, and he will give you into our hands!”

~ 1 Samuel 17: 47 KJV

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